On Java

As the name suggests, I’m mainly a Java developer. I like Java. I know, it’s falling out of fashion with today’s web hipsters, but there’s a lot to like about the language and its environment. For one, I find the static typing bit to be very helpful in a larger team environment, especially when you’re trying to piece together how someone else’s application works. But I think Java really wins out in the ecosystem. The sheer amount of active, high quality, tools and libraries available, is often overwhelming. One could argue that this can be a disadvantage, but I believe that the more choice a developer has, the better.

On the Web

I’m also passionate about everything happening on the web. I believe that web vs desktop is analogous to Steve Job’s truck vs sedan analogy. You’ll always need desktop applications (trucks), but for the majority of users, the web (already?) provides everything they need (sedans). But when it comes to developing rich web applications, I think the best tool out there is Google Web Toolkit. More on that later.

On Google

As mentioned, I love GWT. After my initial taste of GWT, I wanted more of that excellent Google stuff. So I found Guice, Google App Engine, Page Speed, Speed Tracer, Sitebricks, the plethora of Google APIs and much more. While I always liked Google services in general, I had no idea (until a few years ago), how awesome they are to developers.

On not just Java

The JVM might be great at running Java, but many new languages have started calling the JVM home. Aside from existing languages like JRuby, Clojure (Lisp), Jython, and others, cool new languages like Groovy and Scala have found their way to the JVM. More on those as I get to them.

On what’s the point already?

Ah, the point… right. The point is, I’m really into the tech world. I love programming. I love gadgets. So what you’ll find on this blog is a lot about the web, Google Web Toolkit and other Google technologies, Spring and Hibernate, new languages that I explore, perhaps some gadget reviews and who knows what else. It’s definitely an exciting time to be on the JVM. Stay tuned!

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